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CE167F11_MT1_Review_Session_Notes - Midterm 1 Review Monday...

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Residential Commercial Private Heavy Civil Public Industrial (both?) Sectors Risk Statistics Batch size vs. Demand/Volume Stakeholders Fragmentation Source of funding Design vs. Construction Planning Concepts Design Procurement Construction Testing and startup O&M Decommission Stage Gate Management and Project Lifecycle (Relation to Costs Levels of Influence EPC industry characteristics: Design Build Design Bid Build Fixed price GMP Cost+fee Pricing? Project Delivery Privity of contract Offer Consideration Competence Legal subject matter Acceptance Elements of Contract? Explicit Implied Tort Statutory Contract Liability? RTFC Plain reading of contracts Written vs. Oral Contracts Disputes and Change Orders? Contracts: Time Value of money (1+r/p)^p-1 e^r-1 Effective vs. Nominal Interest NPV
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