Ibbs_Lecture 1 - • No extra credit or makeup exams. •...

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8/21/2011 1 Engineering Project Management CE 167 Professor William Ibbs 213 McLaughlin Hall [email protected] 510 643-8067 1 Professor William Ibbs Introduction Purpose of Course • Project Management concepts • Nature of A-E-C Industry • Investment analysis • Project planning and control Cost Estimating/Control and scheduling • Contract and legal aspects 2 Professor Wil iam Ibbs Course Materials Reader available at Copy Central Bartholomew’s Construction Contracting , 2 nd edition Slides Professor Wil iam Ibbs 3 Course Ground Rules Observe university rules on cheating. Late homework not accepted except under extreme conditions.
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Unformatted text preview: • No extra credit or makeup exams. • Raise questions about received grades within one week. 4 Professor Wil iam Ibbs 8/21/2011 2 Grading • Homework problems: 25% • Two mid-term exams: 35% • Class participation: 5% • Final exam: 35% • Course grading on relative basis. 5 Professor Wil iam Ibbs Professor Ibbs EPM Program Office hours: TuTh 9:45 to 10:45, appt. GSI: Xiaodan Sun, [email protected] Reader: TBD 6 Professor Wil iam Ibbs Assignment #1 Prepare and submit 1-page bio • Background: hometown, current major, experience • Something novel about yourself. • Photograph 1-7 Professor Wil iam Ibbs...
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Ibbs_Lecture 1 - • No extra credit or makeup exams. •...

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