Organizational Behavior Midterm -Fall 2009

Organizational Behavior Midterm -Fall 2009 - BUSN 401...

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BUSN 401 – Organizational Behavior Test 1 Name: Nicole Fiamingo Date: 10/22/2009 Multiple Choice Please answer all multiple choice questions. Each multiple choice answer is worth 2 points. (1) All of the following are internal behavioral processes except: a. cognition b. perceiving c. judging d. leading Pg. 5 (2) The science of human behavior and individual differences is a. anthropology b. sociology c. engineering d. psychology Pg. 5 (3) Whole Foods Market Inc. represents which of the following sectors? a. manufacturing sector b. government sector c. service sector d. non-profit sector (4) U.S. Steel best reflects which sector in the U.S. economy? a. service sector b. throughput sector c. manufacturing sector d. transformation sector (5) Which of the following best describes the Canine Companions for Independence? a. not for profit b. manufacturing c. publicly owned entrepreneurial d. privately held entrepreneurial (6) The four main driving forces creating and shaping changes at work include: a. globalization, demography, diversity and ethics b. globalization, technology, ethics and religion c. globalization, technology, ethics and employee attitudes d. globalization, technology, diversity and ethics (7) Many U.S. and Canadian firms have located manufacturing plants in Mexico to take advantage of lower labor costs. Additionally, many tariffs on U.S. exports have been reduced. These global changes occurred because of: a. the European union b. GATT agreements c. NAFTA Pg. 39 d. The Fino agreement (8) Which statement regarding the glass ceiling is most correct? a. the glass ceiling has been recently found to apply equally to males and females
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b. the glass ceiling is a barrier that has been traced to a lack of ability c. the glass ceiling, like Cinderella’s glass slipper, has resulted in a temporary movement of women into political leadership positions throughout the world d. the glass ceiling is a transparent barrier that keeps women from rising above a certain level in organizations Pg. 46 (9) The globalization of business and changing demographic trends will present organizations with a tremendously culturally diverse workforce which represents the risk that: a. prejudices and stereotypes will prevent managers and employees from developing a synergy that can benefit the organizations Pg. 46 b. families will not be left intact c. values will begin to erode d. opportunities will not be available (10) Attention to diversity has particularly increased in recent years because of a. the use of telecommunications b. the opportunity for use of lower cost labor in other countries c. the changing demographics of the working populations Pg. 45 d. legislation (11) Crude comments or sexual jokes and behaviors that disparage someone’s sex or convey hostility is considered which type of sexual harassment? a.
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Organizational Behavior Midterm -Fall 2009 - BUSN 401...

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