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7. 6. 4. 5. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Chapters 1 - 4 Take Home Test la Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. 2. 3. The description of a1i organization as clockworks, in which human behavior is logical and rational, would come from which level within the organization? a. individual level b. group or department level c. organizational level d. internal level The description of an organization as more like a snake pit, with daily conflict, distress, and struggle, would come from which level within the organization? a. group level b. organizational level c. individual level d. department level The snake pit metaphor of organization behavior conveys the: a. dark side of organizations b. the dark side of human behavior c. 'the dark side of competition d. the dark side of the globalization of markets When a manager states, "Mary is an outstanding employee because she has a high need for achievement," the manager is using which explanation for Mary's behavior? a. internal c. interactive b. external d. cultural Kurt Levin may have best captured alternative explanations for human behavior when he stated behavior is a function of: a. the individual personality and preference-s for leadership style b. the consequences of compliant and deviant behavior within social groups c. culture and the systemic properties of the organization d. the person and the environment, The first discipline to take the modem corporation as the unit of analysis and emphasize the design, implementation, and coordination of various administrative and organization systems was: a. psychology b. sociology c. management d. anthropology The Real World vignette regarding outsourcing from Chapter I suggests this strategy as a significant change in American Industry. Which of the following best reflects this change on the U.S. economy? a. Outsourcing tends to decrease the wealth of poorer nations due to the transfer of dollars back to the U.S. c. Outsourcing may provide for more organizational flexibility and lower turnover. d. Outsourcing has usually resulted in a net loss of jobs when compared to the number of jobs created in the U.S. 11. 12. 13. 14. 8 . 16. 9. 10. 15. In an open system the transformation or conversion of inputs to outputs is accomplished with: a. technology b. task structure 0 c. borrowed financial resources d. robots The core technology of a university is its: a. student brain power b. library, laboratories, classrooms, and computer equipment c. registration and billing systems d. athletic programs The use of a wide range of tools, knowledge, and/or techniques used to transform inputs into outputs is called: a. task environment b. structure c. the mission d. the technology The Hawthorne Studies uncovered the importance of: a. the workflow and scheduling of work for production efficiency b. delegating authority downward and throughout the organization
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