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CHAPTER 10 POWER AND POLITICAL BEHAVIOR MULTIPLE CHOICE THE CONCEPT OF POWER 1. The legitimacy inherent in one's job is __________, whereas the ability to influence someone else is __________. A. power; authority B. influence; authority C. authority; power D. power; control 2. If a person can affect the thoughts, behavior, and feelings of another person, she has: A. influence B. power C. authority D. dominance 3. In a subordinate role, you may have __________ over your boss. A. authority B. command C. power D. influence 4. If a manager asks an employee to purchase a gift for his wife, the employee would think this request: A. falls within his zone of indifference B. falls outside his zone of indifference C. should be based on the manager’s authority base D. is in conflict with the employee’s value system ANSWER: B, medium, appl., pg. 231 5. Enlarging an employee’s zone of indifference is accomplished by: A. the use of authority B. the use of power C. the use of effective communication techniques D. eliminating cognitive dissonance 6. The range in which attempts to influence the employee are perceived as legitimate and are acted on without a great deal of thought is known as: A. the principal/agent relationship B. agency theory C. the zone of indifference D. congruency 122
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123 Chapter 10 FORMS AND SOURCES OF POWER IN ORGANIZATIONS Interpersonal Forms of Power 7. As a management trainee, you are assigned to a mentor and gain considerable insight into the nature of management and how to behave in different managerial situations. The relationship you have with the mentor is based on ___________ power. A. reward B. legitimate C. referent D. expert ANSWER: C, medium, analysis, pg. 232 8. Assume you are a senior accounting major. A friend who is taking a Principles of Accounting course seeks you out for tutorial assistance. This is an example of __________ power. A. reward B. expert C. referent D. legitimate ANSWER: B, easy, appl., pg. 232 9. The power base of the future will likely be: A. reward B. legitimate C. referent D. expert 10. As a student, you are developing __________ power. A. legitimate B. expert C. reward D. personal Using Power Ethically 11. Your authors suggest the addition of another source of power to French and Raven’s five sources of power. Which of the following best reflects this additional source of power? A. network centrality B. position power C. gatekeepers power D. information power ANSWER: D, easy, K&C, pg. 233
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Power and Political Behavior 124 12. An important aspect of a manager's exercise of reward power in the determination of employee salary increases is: A. individual rights B. utilitarian outcomes C. distributive justice D. procedural justice ANSWER: C, hard, analysis, pg. 235 13. To use power ethically a manager should examine the behavior by asking three questions regarding
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