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CHAPTER 13 JOBS AND THE DESIGN OF WORK MULTIPLE CHOICE WORK IN ORGANIZATIONS 1. An organizational position is defined as: A. an employee's specific work and task activities in an organization B. a job in relation to other parts of the organization C. the specific role and expectations with respect to a given job D. the title given to a certain level within an organization such as vice president ANSWER: B, easy, K&C, pg. 309 2. Effortful, productive activity that results in a product or a service defines: A. role outcomes B. role expectations C. a job D. work ANSWER: D, easy, K&C, pg. 309 3. A job is defined as: The Meaning of Work 4. According to research on the meaning of work: 5. The United States has the highest percentage of its worker–citizens in the category or pattern where: 6. While there are differences in the meaning of work among countries, similarities appear to exist in: A. job enrichment and satisfaction B. determinants of job involvement C. two common work dimensions: work content and job context D. two common motivators: positive feedback and valued rewards 165
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166 Chapter 13 ANSWER: C, easy, analysis, pg. 311 Jobs in Organizations 7. The basic building blocks of an organization are: A. authority-responsibility relationships B. integration and differentiation C. power and influence D. jobs ANSWER: D, medium, K&C, pg. 311 8. The process of subdividing and departmentalizing an organization is __________; whereas, _________ is the process of linking jobs and departments into a cohesive whole.
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