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CHAPTER 15 ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE MULTIPLE CHOICE THE KEY ROLE OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE 1. Organizational culture is most rooted in which of the following fields of study? A. social psychology B. political science C. sociology D. anthropology Culture and Its Levels 2. A pattern of basic assumptions that are considered valid and that are taught to new members as the way to perceive, think, and feel in the organization is known as: A. socialization B. corporate culture C. psychological contract D. value system ANSWER: B, easy, recall, pg. 362 3. Which of the following include the three levels of culture identified by Edgar Schein? A. artifacts, values, and symbols B. basic assumptions, awareness, and values C. values, ceremonies and rites, and artifacts D. artifacts, values, and basic assumptions Artifacts 4. The key to understanding culture through artifacts lies in: A. identifying the visible portion of culture B. identifying the most important artifact of culture which is symbols C. figuring out what they mean D. the awareness of how values are communicated through culture ANSWER: C, hard, synthesis and evaluation, pg. 362 5. The most visible and accessible level of culture is: A. values B. assumptions C. artifacts D. socialization processes ANSWER: C, easy, recall, pg. 362 199
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200 Chapter 15 6. When the president of your college or university awards scholarships at a banquet to high-achieving students, this is an example of: A. personal enactment B. a ritual C. a symbol D. a ceremony ANSWER: D, easy, appl., pg. 364 7. Which of the following would NOT provide an indication of an organization's culture? A. employee dress code B. performance expectations of employees C. use of job titles D. number of products produced ANSWER: D, easy, appl., pg. 362-366 8. The opening of a new corporate training center would be considered a: A. rite of integration B. rite of renewal C. rite of enhancement D. rite of success ANSWER: B, medium, appl., pg. 364 9. When Southwestern Bell emphasizes the importance of management training by kicking off classes using a high-ranking executive and has a graduation ceremony when classes are completed, they have utilized: A. a rite of renewal and a rite of passage B. a rite of enhancement and a rite of passage C. a rite of integration and a rite of enhancement D. a rite of passage and a rite of integration ANSWER: A, medium, synthesis and evaluation and appl., pg. 364 10. Which of the following artifacts has been argued to be the most effective way to reinforce values? A. stories B. rituals C. symbols D. ceremonies 11. An example of a rite of enhancement is a/an: A. job transfer B. kick off banquet for the introduction of a new product C. employee of the month award D. retirement party ANSWER: C, medium, appl., pg. 364 12. The comment from a long-service employee to a recent hire, "That's the way we do it here," is an example of a: A.
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