Excel TutorialB - Research Methods Excel Tutorial Part II...

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DrRuth’s UGS 303: Excel tutorial Part II Page (1) Fall 2010 Research Methods Excel Tutorial Part II 1. Making a histogram ( Unedited for new PC version of Excel. Someone tell me if its easy to figure out or if I have to spend time fixing this with more detail…DrRuth) A histogram is a column graph that shows the distribution of data — how many instances of each data type there is. In the case of grades, you might plot the number of people who made As, Bs, Cs, etc. For a large enough number of samples you will often see a “normal” or “bell curve” distribution. This tutorial continues on analyzing the Grades.txt data that you analyzed as part of the excel tutorial. If you want to actually try this as you read, just make a spreadsheet with the columns N and O as shown in this figure, which were final score and class ranking for each student. You will plot a histogram of the grades for this course. Making a histogram manually a) Make two new column titles: Bin Limits and Frequency to the right of your current table in columns Q and R. b) The Bin Limits mark the sets of data that will be counted toward each column of the histogram. We will first divide the final scores into sets that are multiples of ten. Taking a look at the maximum and minimum final scores, we can see that the numbers 30, 40, 50, 60 span the range of final scores. Enter these numbers into the Bin Limits column in cells Q2 – Q5. c)
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Excel TutorialB - Research Methods Excel Tutorial Part II...

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