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UGS 303: Inquiry Four Page 1 Fall 2010 Inquiry IV: Group proposal on original research idea Most of the rest of this course will be devoted to the creation of a group research proposal that will be submitted as Inquiry IV. A lot of class and lab time will be spent organizing the inquiry, receiving lectures on relevant topics such as scientific publishing, literature citation, proposal format and review, etc. As part of this inquiry you will be presenting your original research ideas to each other. Groups of four to six students will be formed into research teams. Each team will write a scientific proposal on an original research idea. Along the way you will be asked to complete several tasks, each with its own submission date. Note that homework item five (4 pts) on your syllabus is one of these tasks, so when added to the 20 points allocated to inquiry five, this inquiry is worth 24% of your final grade. This inquiry is designed as a group effort because, for the most part, this is how new knowledge is most efficiently acquired these days. The ability to work together as a team is essential to the success of the project. Your group should meet at least weekly (at your scheduled lab time) over the rest of the semester to make sure things are organized and on schedule. Although suggestions are made below as to what you should do when, it would be advisable to stay ahead of this schedule. Keep in regular contact with your team using email, or some other method of contact, to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and is doing their fair share of the work. Some of you may not like group work, but if you don’t participate actively and enthusiastically, your own grade for the course is certain to suffer. Good science these days requires teamwork, and this is a great place to start in terms of putting personality aside to produce the best science product. We will assess whether members of the group are putting in their fair share of the effort and this will make a difference come grading time. This is one part of your course grade you cannot redo or makeup. As different deadlines arise you will receive additional instructions; a calendar view is available online: Oct 26 (class) Inquiry Four introduced to class. Oct 27 Research teams will be assigned and posted online. Oct 28 (class) Assign duties to research team members. Choose general research area of interest. Sat. Oct 30 (noon) Submit response to Team Formation form online (pages 2–3 of this handout). Week of Nov 1(lab) Read relevant literature in area of interest, generate literature citations supporting research idea, summarize your work in an abstract. Nov 5 (noon) Team Research Idea with Citations (page 4 of this handout) submission online Week of Nov 8(lab) Allocate sections of the proposal to various team members, coordinate research Nov 16 (noon) Team Proposal (pages 5–6) submission deadline Nov 17 Proposals distributed electronically for you to review Nov 17/18/22/23 Team Oral Presentations
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InquiryFour - Inquiry IV: Group proposal on original...

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