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Inquiry IV: Example of Team Research Idea with Citations Team Name : Ruth’s Test-tube Babies Principal Investigator : Joni Mitchell Research Area : Engineering Working Title of Proposal : Use of the piezoelectric effect in control and sensory feedback in robotic hands Brief description of research idea : The piezoelectric effect is the property of certain crystals to undergo charge separation when under pressure and conversely, its ability to produce mechanical energy when exposed to voltage. While this property has been applied in microphones and speakers, we will use its effects to provide sensory feedback and control in robotic hands and gloves. In this way, delicate operations requiring manual dexterity such as surgery and bomb deactivation can be accomplished in dangerous environments without risk to human lives. Librarian Name : Graham Nash Journal for Referencing Style : International Journal of Robotics and Automation Reference List Name of Group Member : Neil Young H.S. Tzou, Piezoelectric shells : distributed sensing and control of continua,
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