RM 20b - To d a y s O u t l i n e Administrative stuff...

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To d a y ’s O u t l i n e Administrative stuff, including Inquiry Four: Tasks II and III Team Proposal process Scienti±c Literature Citations Publish or Perish Peer Review The publishing process Administrative stuff Registration Let me know if you have any difFculties registering for ±RI classes My CH301 class Stream switch They are already performing stream switches as they become possible. You will hear when and if you are switched. It may not be until 12th class day in the spring. It may be this week. You should have received an anonymous inquiry III report to critique for HW4 from your mentor Let me know if you did not get it. Next week in lab No longer required to attend lab after tonight. Ask for help! We are expecting to be asked. Don’t forget my office hours (Monday 4 pm, Friday 2 pm), or email me times your group are able to meet.
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Reminder – Inquiry IV: Second Task To complete your second task you will need to: Pick a specifc topic Write a description and justifcation Submit a list oF 3 papers per team member. Use consistent Formatting. Include the title oF each paper. Submit copies oF the best three papers For your topic Inquiry IV: Third Task Your team proposal is due noon on Tuesday November 16th This should be in decent shape, but it is a “draFt” version. You’ll get a chance to rewrite it based on all the Feedback you get. Each team PI submits the proposal via blackboard, and makes sure all team
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RM 20b - To d a y s O u t l i n e Administrative stuff...

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