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Name (print):_______________________________________ TA:____________________________________ Instructor:__________________________________________ Lab day and time:________________________ Revised: September 2010 Safety/Waste Disposal Information for the FRI Research Methods Labs (UGS 303) Read and sign this copy and return to the Analytical/PChem Teaching Stockroom (WEL 2.128) before performing your first experiment. A copy is also available on the website if you wish to review it again later in the semester. Personal safety 1. Safety goggles must be worn in the labs if anyone in the room is working on an experiment. . The stockroom will provide safety goggles, and they are kept on a shelf in the lab. Contact lenses in the lab are discouraged. 2. Appropriate clothing must be worn in the labs at all times, including during checkout. This includes: Shoes which enclose the foot Long pants that cover to the top of the shoe Shirts which cover the torso, upper arms to the elbow, and to the base of the neck
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