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SampleResponse1 - Sample Response to Referee Report...

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Unformatted text preview: Sample Response to Referee Report INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY UNIVERSITY OF _ Institut for Fysik og Astronomi, -Universit.et _Denmark Re: Your file no. A5.07.165 Professor LC. Light Editor, Journal of Chemical Physics Dear Professor Light, I was very pleased to read the most favorable comments by the referee on our manuscript "me me... or when made w...— The referee had two concerns with the manuscript as written: one ooncerning the presentation, while the other concerned the science. We are grateful, especially for his second oomrrient which is very valuable. The first cement was a request for a clearer indication of the crystallography involved. We have responded to this by adding crystallographic axes to Fig. 1(a), and by including Figs. 1(a) and (t), which are atomic ball models of the surface prior to and after reconstruction into the p[2x1} phase induced by oxygen. Furthermore, the oxygen atoms have been identified in Fig. 5(c). In his second comment, the referee proposes that oxygen deserts during reaction with C01. He points out that this would resolve the discrepancy between previous measurements of the reaction stoidiiometry. We have followed his advise and discussed this point thoroughly (p. 13-14 in the revised manuscript). In fact we support his idea and present additional evidence from our own measurements. Please find enclosed: a) One revised manuscript with all modifications/additions indicated b) One revised manuscript without these indications c) One complete set of figures (Figs. 1 and S are revised). d) A signed copyright agreement We hope and trust that the revised manusc‘ipt will be accepted for publication in The Journal of Chemical Physics. Note the tone ofthe response. Though the referee found fault with their paper, the author's did not take offense. Instead. they looked upon the comments as a valuable addition to their work. This letter was also written with an eye towards the editor. The author’s clearly listed both the referee’s suggestiorrs (in condensed farm) and their own response. ...
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