shortprogram - 7:30 pm Hermaphrodudes (PI: Jennifer Chow)...

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UGS 303: Inquiry Four Teams Fall 2010 Research Methods Oral Presentations Schedule (short version) Wednesday Nov 17 th (WEL 2.304) 6:10 pm The Social Network (PI: Megan Oram) 6:30 pm The Mad Scientists (PI: Grace Gao) Thursday Nov 18 th (UTC 4.112) 9:40 am Team Side Effect (PI: Terral Wells) 10:00 am Team Green (PI: Tim Sotman) Thursday Nov 18 th (UTC 3.112) 11:10 am Teamaddict! (PI: Michael Zurcher) 11:30 am Gooberflabnerz (PI: Pooja Mehta) Thursday Nov 18 th (WAG 214) 6:10 pm MrJake (PI: James Yoo) 6:30 pm NanoBioComp (PI: Aaron Dewitt) 6:50 pm Fatty Acids (PI: Nicole Tran) 7:10 pm FOMA (PI: Jesus Torres)
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Unformatted text preview: 7:30 pm Hermaphrodudes (PI: Jennifer Chow) 7:50 pm Team Navya (PI: Nayva Singirikonda) Monday Nov 22 nd (WAG 201) 12:10 pm BROmides (PI: Stuart Reynolds) 12:30 pm Dr House (PI: Melissa Tung) 12:50 pm The Narwhals (PI: Sandra Ngo) Tuesday Nov 23 rd (UTC 4.112) 9:40 am Phlopping Philanthropists (PI: Ashley Walsh) 10:00 am Mavericks (PI: Nicole Dudley) Tuesday Nov 23 rd (UTC 3.112) 11:10 am Theoretical Girls (PI: Clarissa Ramirez) 11:30 am Team Work (PI: Jeff Chang) You are required to attend your lecture time, and your lab time. You are welcome to attend any other presentation times....
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