RM 6 - To d a y s O u t l i n e Administrative stuff FRI...

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Today’s Outline Administrative stuff FRI streams Homework Two assigned This week in lab Scienti±c literature: Review articles Inquiry logistics Simplex optimization Administrative stuff Reminders Safety Training CURE survey Ruth’s OfFce hours (Mon 4 pm, ±ri 2 pm) Susan’s ofFce hours will be Thursday 12:30 – 1:30 pm, in PAI 6.02 We’ll tell you when to pick up Inquiry One, probably Monday. Homework Two assigned today: GEMS ±RI streams and open house hours Online in the Assignments section 1 2 3
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Professor Research Topic Research Educator Field(s) Anslyn Supramolecular sensors Alona Umali Chemistry Appling Mitochondrial gene expression Anne Tibbetts Biochem, Biology Browning Biobricks Grace Choy Biochem, Biology Bull Viral evolution Rick Heinemann Biochem, Biology Ellington Aptamers Brad Hall Biochem, Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry Hadani Special topics in maths research Math Henkelman Computational nanoparticles Zach Pozun Chemistry, Comp Sci, Math, Physics Iyer Functional genomics Patrick Killion Biology, Comp Sci Jones/Holliday Functional materials based on metal complexes Xiaoping Yang Chemistry, Physics, Engineering Juenger/Hawkes Biology of biofuels Sam Taylor Biology Lloyd Cell fate regulation Tony Gonzalez Biology Markert Electronic and magnetic materials Rosa Cardona, Isaac Manzanero Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry Martin Synthesis and biological recognition Kristen Procko Chemistry, Biochem, Biology Miikkulainen Computational intelligence in game design Igor Karpov Comp Sci Robertus Virtual drug screening Josh Beckham Biochem, Comp Sci, Chemistry Roux Signaling and signal transduction Greg Clark Biology Stevens Vertebrate interactome mapping Al MacKrell Biology, Biochemistry Stevenson Nanomaterials for chemical catalysis Stacia Rodenbusch Chemistry, Comp Sci Stone Autonomous vehicles Michael Quinlan Comp Sci Van de Guijn Frontiers of linear algebra library development Comp Sci, Math, Physics Wilke/Meyers Studying disease dynamics Biology, Math, Comp Sci, Physics Winget Exploring the universe with white dwarf stars Mike Montgomery Astronomy, Physics, Comp Sci, Math http://cns.utexas.edu/fri/research -streams This week in lab Meet back in your regular lab room this week Very important! Set the standard for the rest of your lab experiences. Get good habits now! You must have completed your lab safety trainings (see last lecture) Intro to equipment inventory and ordering procedures Inquiry Two You should already have your topic chosen. Guidelines to help write your experiment proposal Aim for the end of lab this week is to have designed your experiment, Fgured out what supplies you need from us, and Flled in the relevant order forms If not by the end of lab, then before next week’s lab. Equipment familiarization form
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RM 6 - To d a y s O u t l i n e Administrative stuff FRI...

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