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Today’s Outline Administrative stuff Inquiry Three considerations Foundations for induction Precision and accuracy Errors Administrative stuff Keep reading Feynman! Stream selection is open. Last day to state preferences is this Sunday! HW2 (open house visits) due in one week. Inquiry Two extension over today. (electronic copy by start of class, hard copy outside my of±ce by 3 pm) Research methods website additions Thu Sep 30 th 5 – 6 pm PAI 3.02 Fri Oct 1 st 3 – 4 pm PAI 3.02 Tue Oct 5 th 2 – 3 pm JGB 2.216 Wed Oct 6 th 5 – 6 pm WEL 2.224 Explanation of the process with opportunity for questions. Required for all who wish to continue in FRI next Spring. If you have a true conflict with all four sessions, email Sarah Simmons. Stream selection preference will be given to those who attend a session. Make sure you sign in to show you were there. FRI Information Sessions **REMINDER** 1 2 3
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Homework Three: University Lecture series All Signature course students are REQUIRED to attend one of the University Lecture series , next week in the Bass Concert Hall Cirque du Politique (LAST NIGHT 7 pm) Martin Cox, author of “What every student should know about oral presentations”, President of Texas Intercollegiate Forensics Assoc (public speaking) World Changers: The great debate (TONIGHT 7 pm) David Laude, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Leigh McAlister, Business Lawrence Speck, Architecture; David Springer, Social Work Sean Theriault, Government Homework Three online, 500 words. Due October 14th. Administrative stuff Speaking of online lectures – some science study breaks are online, including the 2012 lecture . This week is Nobel Prize week. New one announced each day. Robert Edwards (Cambridge) Nobel Prize for Medicine – developing IVF. Last week were the IgNobels - for science that makes you laugh ±rst and then think. Last experiment inquiry (Inquiry Four is a research proposal) You may make up your own inquiry entirely, disregarding the statistics requirement, but you must justify your proposal to DrRuth to get permission to do this. Don’t use the same techniques used in Inquiries One or Two without explicit permission from DrRuth UTeach equipment inventory use detailed search, narrow to a speci±c category, probably “Probes and sensors” Equipment whose location is not PAI 4.14 is in FRI research stream. It is usable but organize this through DrRuth. Time to access the lab outside lab time will be possible. There will be one 4-5 hour
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RM 11 - To d a y s O u t l i n e Administrative stuff...

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