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BIOLOGY 311C: INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY I Fall 2011 Instructor : Dr. Jessica Wandelt Email : [email protected] Office Hours : Review Session/Study Groups: Teaching Assistant : Email : Office Hours : w Course Description w 311C is designed for majors in biological sciences, and for others if required by their departmental programs. This course covers major concepts in biological chemistry, cellular organization, metabolism, cell cycle, gene expression, and gene regulation. w Prerequisites w Credit for (with a grade of at least a C-) or concurrent registration in Chemistry 301 (or its equivalent). If you do not meet this requirement, you will be automatically dropped from this class. w Supplies w Recommended textbook: Principles of Life by Hillis et al. (Please note: if you plan to take Bio 311D next semester, you will probably need Biology by NA Campbell and JB Reece. This book will be a fine substitute as a reference for this class.) Required Clicker: i>clicker (Please note: you may use either the i>clicker 1 or 2. It is recommended that you buy the i>clicker 2 if you do not yet have a clicker. If you would like to upgrade from the i>clicker 1 to the i>clicker 2, there are rebates available to do so.) w Course Organization w Lectures (3 hours/week) You are strongly encouraged to attend all lectures. The material presented during lecture will be the basis for the exams. In addition, a part of your grade will be determined by your daily participation in class (see below). Outlines of lecture powerpoint presentations with figures will be available on Blackboard (courses.utexas.edu) prior to class. It is suggested that you bring these to class as a guide for note taking. Just looking at these outlines or the textbook will not be an adequate substitute for attending class. If you must miss a lecture, review the slides, do the recommended reading and check with at least one other classmate who attended the lecture for any additional notes. After you have done this, you may also make arrangements with your lecturer or T.A. to review the material you missed. Discussion Sections (1 hour/week) Each student is enrolled in a one hour per week discussion section (see below). These discussions, which are led by your TA, are run for your benefit. The purpose of these sessions is to review and reinforce the material covered in lecture, as well as to provide you the opportunity to discuss topics in smaller groups. It is highly recommended that you attend all discussion sessions. In addition, participation during these meetings will be factored into your overall course grade (see below). Please attend the discussion section to which you are assigned. Discussions will begin meeting August 29. w
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Wandelt311Cfall2011 - BIOLOGY 311C INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY I...

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