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The management of a certain chain of supermarkets would like to know on a comparative basis the performance of its supermarkets in each city. The data in the following table shows the amount of profit for all of the supermarkets in each city. City Profit Miami $10,200,000.00 Sunrise $14,600,000.00 Hollywood $17,000,000.00 Tallahassee $$6,000,000.00 Jacksonville $21,600,000.00 Orlando $9,100,000.00 Gainesville $8,000,000.00 Pensacola $12,500,000.00 Ocala $2,000,000.00 Sebring $4,500,000.00 The information required must be presented in the following order: 1. Display the original data set, as shown in the table. 2. The average profit for the supermarket chain. 3. The city with the highest profit. 4. A list of all the cities with profit at, or above the average.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The cities and their profit listed in descending order of the profits. 6. Make a horizontal graph showing the performance of each supermarket To carryout this exercise: (a) Design a class called Supermarkets that accepts two arrays - one containing the names of the cities, and the other containing the profits. Write separate methods for each of the six (6) activities stated in the list of requirements. (b) Design a test class called TestSupermarket that creates a Supermarket object using the arrays as arguments to its constructor. Call the respective methods to carry out the requirements. Note create the arrays in the test class by declaration and assignment....
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