lesson1.01 - Introduction to Programming Objective 1 Be...

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Introduction to Programming Objective 1. Be able to name and describe the major components of the computer systems in terms of the hardware system and the software systems. Introduction This lesson provides an introduction to computer systems with respect to the hardware system and the software system. It surveys the concept of programming paradigms with emphasis on the procedural paradigm versus the object oriented paradigm. The lesson also presents an overview of the Java Programming environment. It covers in a general sense Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The lesson concludes with a survey of how to create a Java application program, how to compile the program, and how to execute the program. Overview of Computer Systems A system may be defined as a combination of interrelated components, real or abstract, organized as an integrated whole to ensure the efficient functioning of the entire unit as a whole. Computer systems possess these characteristics. From a functional point of view computer systems can be view as electronic devices that have the capability of performing the following tasks: 1. Respond to input. 2. Process the input according to a set of instructions 3. Store the instructions and results of the processing 4. Provide output in the form of information 5. Transmit data among machines. Looking closely at this definition we see that items 1, 3, 4 and 5 require physical components or devices. For input, it requires input devices; for storing, it requires storage devices; for output, it requires output devices; and for transmission of data, it requires communication devices. These physical devices constitute
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the hardware system. The second bulleted item is not a tangible item. It refers to the programs that cause the machine to function. In this next section we will examine these components and their subcomponents in more detail.
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lesson1.01 - Introduction to Programming Objective 1 Be...

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