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Florida International University Review for Test II Stack Understand the concept of stack in terms of: a) The nature of stack – last in first out (LIFO) b) Be able to give real life applications where stack is applicable c) Stack operation – push, pop, peek, empty, (and to a lesser extent search) d) Converting infixed expression to postfix expression e) Verify if expression has balanced parentheses f) Evaluate post fixed expression Collections interface a) Know the principal methods in the collection interface b) Know the major interfaces that are subclass of Collections c) Distinguish between those concrete class that are derived from Set and those from List I gave a handout on set operations, take a look at it and run the program. That should help
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Unformatted text preview: a great deal. I • File and Streams a) Be able to differentiate between byte streams and character streams b) Know at least two concrete classes for reading and two for writing in both categories c) Know the purpose of the class File and the more frequently used methods d) Be aware that most of these I/O classes through exception, and the possible type of exception to be thrown • Recursion a) Understand the principle of recursion b) Be able to write simple recursive definitions • Write short pieces of code to bear out any of the points above. 1...
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