This is a list of - half to make two chopsticks[4 Forkchops...

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This is a list of eating and serving implements . Chopsticks Cutlery Fork Knife Spoon - List of types of spoons Drinking straw Skewer Tongs Toothpick / Cocktail stick [ edit ] Combination utensils Chopfork - A utensil with a fork at one end and tongs/pincers at the other. [1] Chork - Pointed and slightly curved tongs, which can be used like chopsticks (as pincers) or like a fork (for spearing). [2] , [3] . A different kind of Chork is a fork with a split handle, which can be broken in
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Unformatted text preview: half to make two chopsticks. [4] Forkchops - Used in a pair, these are basically chopsticks with a small fork and knife on the non-pointed end. [5] Knork- Knife and Fork Sporf- Spoon and Fork and Knife Spork- Spoon and Fork Splayd- Spoon and Fork and Knife Spife- Spoon and Knife [ edit ] Utensils for specific foods Crab cracker Fondue Fork Grapefruit spoon Lobster pick Nutcracker Trongs...
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