Psychology Test 2

Psychology Test 2 - PsychologyTest2 16:52 Sleep&Dreaming...

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Psychology Test 2 16:52 Research methods again Freud- wish fulfillment theory manifest content- what it actually is in a dream,  a pillar latent content- what it symbolizes, a penis Cartwirght- information processing Organized new material that youv’e learned Studied artists Random neural activity in the higher cortex of your brain is where your dreams come  from Sleep cycles Beta waves- fully awake Alpha waves- when youre drowsy Stage 1- theta waves, in between falling asleep and being awake Stage 2- EEG, sleep spindles Stage 3,4- delta waves, deep sleep Learning Bandura- observational learning theory Skinner- operant conditioning Pavlov- classical conditioning  Classical conditioning- ring the bell before the dogs ate dinner Unconditional stimulus= smell of food Unconditional response= salivating from smell of food
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Conditional stimulus= sound of the bell Condition response= salivating to bell Generalization- conditioned response spreads to similar stimuli School bell would promote salivating  Discrimination- conditioned response is restricted to specific stimuli The dogs can tell the difference between school bell and dinner bell Extinction- banish a condition response
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Psychology Test 2 - PsychologyTest2 16:52 Sleep&Dreaming...

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