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Sociology Final Study Guide - Chapter 9 Education The...

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Chapter 9: Education, The Government and the Economy 1. The difference between education and schooling 11a 2 Education- the social institution guiding a society’s transmission of knowledge, including basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms and values, to its members Schooling- formal instruction under the direction of specially trained teachers 2. Manifest and latent functions of education 11a 4,5 Cultural innovation Social integration Social placement 3. Schooling and Inequality 11a 6 Social control Middle-class bias in testing School tracking Inequality among schools 4. Tacking Page 232 The practice of placing students in specific curriculum groups on the basis of their test scores and other criteria 5. Credentialism 11a 7 Evaluating a person on the bias of educational degrees 6. Problems in School 11a 8 School discipline Violence in schools Answer 7. Apathy and the Silent Classroom 11a 10 8. Academic Standards 11a9 9. Bureaucratization and Schooling Page 235 Division of labor Hierarchy of authority Written rules and regulations Impersonality Employment based on technical qualifications 10. Student Subcultures Page 239 Collegiate- focuses on fun and socializing Academic- intellectual concerns of the faculty and values knowledge for its own sake
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Vocational- career prospects and views college as a means of obtaining academic degrees Nonconformist- seeks out ideas that may or may not relate to college studies 11. The different types of authority 12a 2 Traditional- legitimized through tradition
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Sociology Final Study Guide - Chapter 9 Education The...

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