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Beatles Section 2 1964 Early 1964: Seen for the 1 st time on TV on NBC, January 3 rd , on the Jack Parr Show—She Loves you January 15 band makes French debut in Versailles and a 20 date stay in Paris o Record “She loves you” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand” o #1 US hit with I want to hold your hand o Feb. Described as a driving rocker and surf on the ten sound played on American radio o Becomes fastest ever British million seller in the US and stays at #1 till May Feb 7 th - British Invasion- Beatles come to America o Riot due to the publicity by Capitol Records, Brian Epstein o Live US debut on Ed Sullivan show—73 million people watched, paid $2,400 for performance All my loving, I want to hold your hand, she loves you, Saw her standing there, etc. The crime rate dropped dramatically that night Timing—assignation of JFK Feb 11 th - Perform at Washington Coliseum Feb 12 th - Carnegie hall Ed Sullivan show again and meet Muhammad Ali April- top 5 songs on the US 100, and 14 in the top 100 songs itself o Top songs= Cant by me love, Twist and shout, she loves you, I want to hold you hand, please please me 1 st feature film- A hard Days Night John writes book- “In his own right”, abstract writing, and wins award Can’t by Me Love: 1 st certified gold record from new upcoming album hard day’s night Mid-late 1964: (A Hard Day’s Night film) Return to Britain ad produce another album Next album= a hard day’s night Film- day in the life, black and white, name from what Ringo said , peak of their powers, documentary feel, trapped in hotel rooms, trains, pressure felt by them, o All songs are written by John and Paul A Hard Day’s Night Album/Song: John came up with A Hard Days Night in his story, Sad Michael. This first album to consist entirely of beatles songs is Hard Days Night Reverbing, overdubbing, and double tracking was used on Hard Days Night Side 1 opens with HDN, #1 in US and UK
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In 5 days stayed for 4 weeks at #1 in America John and Paul had a friendly competition over who got to be on the A Side 12 string guitar influenced a lot of bands like The Birds Paul sings high note in bridge cause John couldn’t reach it Song: “And I love her” Ringo plays the bongos on I Love Her He imbused the cliché lyrics with plaintiveness and simplicity (And I Love Her) Key change on the guitar solo Song: “And Things We Said Today” Wrote with his future wife Marine Starkey Use major chords for bright, and minor chords for dark songs, goes back to early church music First section is in minor chords, and 2 nd is in major chords Song: “I’ll Be Back” Written by John, and was one of his early favorites One take was in Waltz tempo or ¾ temp Verses are a vocal duet, and John sings by himself in Bridges and Chorus Song: “Can’t Buy Me Love” 1 st simultaneous hit in UK and US 14 songs in the top 100
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Beatles_Section_2 - Beatles Section 2 1964 Early 1964 Seen...

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