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Beatles Section 4 Early 1968- Beatles meditate in India 1968- Yellow Submarine film released Yellow Submarine album released (early 1969) Wonderwall- George Harrison’s project that he started Applecore Limited opened offices Ringo starr guest stars on Sila Step inside love – Paul writes theme song for the show Harrisons and Lennons go to India Ringo- gets bored and doesn’t like the food July ’68 film was realsed Weakest of all Beatles albums, only 4 new original songs UK goes to number 3, while white album was number 1 America goes to number 2 for a week Video is animated very limited appearances of the band members Side 2 is all George Martin’s orchestrations “Yellow Submarine” Released in 1966, B-side of Eleanor Rigby Goes to number 2 in America Paul wrote most, but John helped out a bit Kid’s story, thought it would be good for Ringo to do Oceanic sound effects- bubbles, hand mic, live chambers Paul’s baby, Donovan helped with lyrics Paul- acoustic guitar, lead vocal Session musician- brass band John/George- blow bubbles, and swish water around in a bucket John/Paul= submarine crew, drug references? Submarine a pill? Introduction spoken by Ringo “Only a Northern Song” George Harrison’song Joke relating to Liverpool, copyrighted to Northern Song’s Limited Lyrics- bitter comments on music publisher No logical progression, he wanted to write something poor Paul on bass and discontented instruments(don’t know what they are supposed to be) Session musicians-brass Organ playing isn’t accurate by George, double tracks vocals Ringo plays well on drums No guitars at all
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“Hey Bulldog” John Lennon’s song Last song they wrote before they went to India, wrote in one day Originally titled hey bullfrog First session that Yoko Ono attended Threatening lyrics, irony, surreal lyrics, rhythm and blues mix, rock and roll setting Bass in center, left and right switched “Lady Madonna” Backed by George Harrison’s the inner light #1 for two weeks in UK US 10 weeks on chart only climbed to number 4 Last single to be released on Parlaphone Melody were based on Bad Penny Blues Most famous piano rifts by Paul in intro Rickenbocker bass included Saxophone- Ronney Scott Falsetto harmony, sinful, fun Natty horn section Hands are cupped around mouths to achieve the right backup vocals Promo film but really singing hey bulldog Paul performed song on his tour “Wings of America” Elvis Presley vocals? Mid 1968 “Hey Jude”-Part 1 Paul meets future wife, Linda Eastman(photographer) Apple boutique was closed, clothes and stock were given away Cynthia Lennon sues John, divorce pending Ringo quits the band, unpublicized, he felt out of place Band performs single on David Fraw show Backed with revolution, #1 within two weeks in UK
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Beatles_Section_4 - Beatles Section 4 Early 1968- Beatles...

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