US_Military_Rank_All_Forces - Enlisted Rank Insignia...

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1 Enlisted Rank Insignia Handout Grade ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE MARINES E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E8 E9 E9 Private E-2 PV2 Private First Class PFC Sergeant SGT Staff Sergeant SSG Sergeant First Class SFC Private (No insignia) PVT Seamen Recruit (No insignia) SR Private (No insignia) PVT Airman Basic (No insignia) Corporal Specialist CPL SPC Master Sergeant First Sergeant MSG 1SG Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major SGM CSM Sergeant Major of the Army SMA Seaman Apprentice SA Seaman SN Petty Officer 3rd Class PO3 Petty Officer 2nd Class PO2 Petty Officer 1st Class PO1 Chief Petty Officer CPO Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO Master Chief Petty Officer Command Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer Of the Navy MCPON Airman Amn Airman 1 st Class A1C Senior Airman SrA Staff Sergeant SSgt Technical Sergeant TSgt Master Sergeant MSgt First Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant First Sergeant SMSgt Chief Master Sergeant First Sergeant Command Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant
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US_Military_Rank_All_Forces - Enlisted Rank Insignia...

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