midterm_3_key_terms - MIDTERM #3 KEY TERMS INFANCY AND...

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MIDTERM #3 KEY TERMS INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD Nature vs Nurture Critical stage/period Piaget Vygotsky Domain general vs. domain specific Constructivist Schema Assimilation Accommodation Piaget’s stages of cognitive development Object permanence Deferred imitation Egocentrism Conservation Theory of mind Scaffolding Zone of proximal development Stranger Anxiety Attachment Strange Situation Secure Insecure/Anxious Insecure/Avoidant Disorganized Authoritarian parenting Permissive parenting Authoritative parenting Uninvolved parenting ADOLESCENCE AND ADULTHOOD Puberty Primary sex characteristics Secondary sex characteristics Menarche Kohlberg’s levels of moral thinking Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development Emerging adulthood Menopause Alzheimer’s Disease Cross-sectional studies Longitudinal studies Crystallized intelligence Fluid intelligence SOCIAL COGNITIION Automatic vs reflective thinking Attribution theory Dispositional vs. situational factors Fundamental attribution error Attitude
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midterm_3_key_terms - MIDTERM #3 KEY TERMS INFANCY AND...

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