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Midterm_Practice_Answer_Key - Midterm#2 Practice Exam Name...

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Midterm #2 Practice Exam Name: __________________________________ UID: _________________ 1. Psychoactive drugs influence neurotransmission by stimulating, mimicking, or ________ the activity of neurotransmitters. A) synthesizing B) inhibiting C) enhancing D) serially processing 2. The reckless aggressive behavior that may follow alcohol consumption best illustrates that alcohol may act as a(n) A) methamphetamine. B) disinhibitor. C) hallucinogen. D) stimulant. 3. Which of the following techniques did Freud use to discover the latent content of his patients' dreams? 4. Four-year-old Timmy had not wet his bed for over a year. However, he started bed- wetting again soon after his sister was born. Timmy's behavior best illustrates 5. Which of the following tests was empirically derived?
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