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Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ 1. Simon thought all nurses were young females until a middle-aged male nurse took care of him. Simon's altered conception of a “nurse” illustrates the process of A) habituation. B) assimilation. C) accommodation. D) attachment. 2. When Tommy's mother hides his favorite toy under a blanket, he acts as though it no longer exists and makes no attempt to retrieve it. Tommy is clearly near the beginning of Piaget's ________ stage. A) sensorimotor B) formal operational C) concrete operational D) preoperational 3. Mrs. Pearson cut Judy's hot dog into eight pieces and Sylvia's into six pieces. Sylvia cried because she felt she wasn't getting as much hot dog as Judy. Piaget would say that Sylvia doesn't understand the principle of A) object permanence. B) conservation. C) egocentrism. D) accommodation. 4. Two characteristics of authoritarian parents are that they A) expect obedience but are responsive to their children's needs. B) submit to their children's desires but are unresponsive in times of need. C) impose rules and expect obedience. D) exert control by setting rules and explaining the reasons for those rules. 5. Compared to a century ago, menarche occurs ______________ in life and adult
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Practice_test_with_Answers_Midterm_3 - Name Date A B C D 1...

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