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Race & Labor M165 Final Exam Questions Please thoroughly answer two of the three questions below. Your answers should develop a clear coherent argument and marshal evidence from course materials to support that argument. These best answers will have nuance and will take a critical view of readings and class materials including the ideas of the Professor, but rigorously defend those views. Use examples in order to support and apply your ideas developed in your essay. Each question should be no longer than 3.5 pages double space (12 point font). The entire exam should be no longer than 8 pages. Therefore, be clear and succinct in your answers but thorough. The final paper is due via “turn-it-in” by 5pm 12/8/11. Late papers will be penalized one grade per day. Missing 5pm deadline will count as a day. If you are replacing your mid-term grade type All in at the top of your paper.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Compare and contrast the ways by which African American and Mexican experiences with labor have been shaped by the categorizations of race and ethnicity , conceptions of whiteness and processes of racialization . 2. Explain and analyze the relationship between the Labor Movement and the Civil Rights Movement . Did one influence the other? What were the major outcomes or gains and are they still relevant today? What is the historic relationship between legal rights and labor? 3. Unions have occupied a central role in our readings, films, and class discussions. Discuss how the meaning of union membership has evolved. More specifically, how have issues like race, gender, class, and globalization impacted union membership? In what way has an ever-changing economy altered the manner in which unions have recruited and organized workers?...
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