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Unformatted text preview: RACE & LABOR M165 (Afro- Am, LBR&WS, SOCIOLOGY) Dodd 121 M& W 11:00am to 12:15pm1 Professor Mark Q. Sawyer: Office Hours Mondays (not on holidays) 3- 4:30pm 3272 Bunche Hall [email protected] Sign up for office hours via: https://profmarksawyer.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php Teaching Assistants Marisol Guitierrez : [email protected] Marco Durazo: [email protected] This course examines the question of labor, and inequality from the perspective of race. We will read a variety of works designed to examine the connection between, race, racism and labor in the context of the United States. The class begins with the question of slavery and ends with contemporary debates around race, immigration and labor. Students will be expected to attend sections and lectures regularly. Punctuality is also a must. Students will be expected to complete an in class midterm and a take home final. Section Grade: 30% Midterm Exam (10/26/11): 30% Final Exam/Paper (Due 12/8/11): 40% Reading Materials: Textbook: Robert Zeiger (2007) For Jobs and Freedom: Race and Labor in the United States from 1865. (University of Kentucky Press). The Reader is Available @ Course Reader Materials 1080 Broxton Westwood Week 1 : Race, Resistance & Slavery September 26 Introduction: For Jobs and Freedom A Nation Under Our Feet: Chapter 1 Of Chains and Threads 1 Class will end at 11:50am on days where there is no film or exam. On film and exam dates class will end at 12:15pm. Iron Cages: III Within the Bowels of The Republic September 28 For Jobs and Freedom Chapter 1: The First Fruits of Freedom Week 2: Post Slavery & Jim Crow October 3 For Jobs and Freedom Chapter 2: Into the New Century Working Toward Whiteness Chapters 1,2&3 October 5 Anglos & Mexicans in the Making of Texas 1836- 1986 Chapters 4,5&6 Week 3: The Great War October 10 For Jobs and Freedom Chapter 3: Great War, Great Migration October 12 Montejano: Chapters 8,9& 10 Film: Riding From the Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porters (DVD) Week 4: Depression and WWII October 17 For Jobs and Freedom Chapter 4: Race and Labor in Great Depression and Great War October 19 For Jobs and Freedom Chapter 5 Race and Labor in the Postwar World Labor Rights ARE Civil Rights: Mexican American Workers in the 20th Century Chapter 1 Pages 27- 45. Working Toward Whiteness: Chapters 6 & 7 Week 5: Civil Rights and Labor October 24 In Class Midterm 11- 12:30pm October 26 Labor Rights ARE Civil Rights: Chapter 5 & 6 Film: Fighting in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farm Worker’s Struggle Week 6: Post- Civil Rights and Labor October 31 For Jobs and Freedom Chapter 6: Affirmative Action and Labor Action Empire of Care: Nursing & Migration in Filipino American History Chapter 6: Conflict & Caring Filipino Nurses Organize in the United States November 2 Sonia Song- Ha Lee “Between Black and Boricua: The Experience of Black and Puerto Rican Women in the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union, New York City, Early 1960s” presented at “Laboring Feminism and Feminist Working Class History,” Film: Schmatta from Rags to Riches to Rags (HBO 2009) Week 7: Globalization, Immigration and Labor November 7 For Jobs and Freedom Chapter 7: Back to the Future Magical Urbanism Chapters 1- 4 November 9 L.A. Story Chapters 3 & 4 No Shame in My Game: Chapter 4 “No Shame in (This) Game” Week 8 : Informal, Stigmatized and Illegal Labor November 14 Sex Work and Organizing Film : Live Nude Girls Unite November 16 Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor Chapter 4 & 6 Week 9: Thanksgiving Week November 21 NO CLASS November 23 NO CLASS Week 10 Race, Labor and the 21st Century Recession November 28 http://pewsocialtrends.org/2011/07/26/wealth- gaps- rise- to- record- highs- between- whites- blacks- hispanics/ http://www.progressillinois.com/quick- hits/content/2011/07/26/op- ed- attack- chicagos- public- employees- hits- minorities- hardest Class Race and attacks on Public Employees (PDF) urbanhabitat.org/files/18- 1.ali_.pdf http://www.apwu.org/news/burrus/2010/update15- 2010- 100921.htm November 30 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/van- jones/bigger- than- the- tea- party_b_905740.html Van Jones: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=- 2654418485805716319 Dorian T. Warren “The American Labor Movement in the Age of Obama: The Challenges and Opportunities of Racialized Political Economy” FINAL DUE: Thursday December 8 ...
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