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Topics for research essay Eng 2332 - English 2332. Topics...

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English 2332. Topics for research essay Dr. Marta Moore 1. The “arrogance of power” in Gilgamesh and in today’s society 2. Discuss the thin line that divides enmity between men from deep friendship in Gilgamesh and in your own experience 3. Compare and contrast the account of the creation of Gilgamesh and Enkidu and Genesis 1-3. 4. In Gilgamesh, the prostitute is principally responsible for Enkidu’s transformation. Is she merely the Mesopotamian equivalent of a hooker? Discuss the role of the temple prostitute in Gilgamesh. 5. Cities have important functions in the heroic works of the ancient and premodern world. What are the characteristics of a city like Uruk in Gilgamesh? How would you contrast the attitudes toward urban life expressed in ancient texts to those you encounter in our contemporary world? 6. In Genesis, what is the significance of the fact that God forbids eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge? Why should the knowledge of ‘good and evil’ be forbidden? Are there kinds of knowledge that is risky for human beings to have? 7. Cain and Abel, symbolic of two different ways of life, farmers and pastoral nomads etc. 8. What is the concept of God that underlies the stories of Adam, Noah, and Babel in the Old Testament ? 9. The subordinate role of Eve and her responsibility for the fall in the Old Testament. 10. Myths in many societies have explanatory function; they answer questions. Why do we have to work to live and eventually die? Why don’t we all speak the same language? Why does the serpent crawl? Explain the role of these myths underlying the stories of Creation, Fall and Babel in the Old Testament. 11. Genesis ends with the story of Joseph and begins with a story about free will, knowledge, and obedience. Discuss the importance and complexity of these three themes in the lives of various biblical figures. 12. The belief that gods know the future was no longer universally held in Sophocles’s day. How is this intellectual conflict reflected in Oedipus ? 13. The theme of sight and blindness in Oedipus . 14. Explain Freud’s Oedipal complex.
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Topics for research essay Eng 2332 - English 2332. Topics...

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