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World Lit I syll. spring 2011doc

World Lit I syll. spring 2011doc - Collin County Community...

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Collin County Community College ENGL 2332.S06–TR, 8:30-9:45 a.m. G238 World Literature I Instructor: Dr. Marta K. Moore e-mail: [email protected] Office: H231, SCC Office hrs: MWF 9:15-10 a.m., W 1-3:15 p.m., TR 11:15-12 p.m. Phone: 972-881-5821 Your class contact _____________________________________________________ Phone _________________________ e-mail _________________________________ REQUIRED TEXT Sarah Lawall, Gen. Ed . The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Vols. A,B,C, 2 nd edition . Optional : Hult, Christine, and Thomas Huckin, The New Century Handbook, 4 nd edition (with CDs) OTHER MATERIALS A good college-level dictionary. College-ruled paper for in-class writing. Access to computer word processor and internet connection Blue book for final exam COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces the student to a multiplicity of literary histories beginning  with the classical Greek period through the seventeenth century with an emphasis  in written analysis.   Students will read representative selections, analyze, and  discuss philosophies, societal mores, social milieus, and social concerns. Students  will also develop the necessary skills for researching and writing a critical essay. PREREQUISITE ENGL 1302 1
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Lectures, class discussion, small group discussions, inter-disciplinary research, oral presentations, and personal conferences. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the scope and variety of works or genres from each literary period. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of literature as expressions of individual and human values within the social, political, cultural, and religious overtones of each literary period. 3. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in oral and written discussion and argumentative analysis. 4. Demonstrate an understanding of correct MLA documentation conventions. 5. Show that the student can relate literature to his/her own experiences. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Throughout the course of the semester, you will be required to complete three essays: Two in-class analytical essays and one research essay The research essay is due 4/29 (6-10 pages, typed, double spaced) This segment consists of two parts: one written and one oral: The research paper will include 5 secondary sources (literary criticism from the textbook, or a website, or any other periodical, magazine, or book) works cited, and MLA-style documentation. You can choose a topic relating to any of the assigned readings, authors, or the time period that we have covered. I will help you find a topic. Daily quizzes over readings Primary material (literature) and secondary materials (introductions, biographies) “Quick Writing” Throughout the semester, you will do “Quick Writings” (in class) of one page on readings assigned for the day. These writings will ask for a thoughtful response to one or two of the readings and will take about 10 minutes to write. I will give you prompts. 2
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World Lit I syll. spring 2011doc - Collin County Community...

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