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Calc Instructions - Vertex - y = ____________ 9. Round x...

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To find the Vertex using a graphing calculator: 1. Enter y 1 = (right side of the equation). ENTER 2. ZOOM 6 Standard window ENTER 3. 2nd TRACE CALC 4. 3 (MINIMUM) or 4 (MAXIMUM) 5. Cursor for left bound ENTER 6. Cursor for right bound ENTER 7. Guess? ENTER 8. Minimum or Maximum: x = ___________
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Unformatted text preview: y = ____________ 9. Round x value. 10. To confirm x rounded value a) Use 2nd TRACE CALC b) 1 (VALUE) ENTER c) x = _________ ENTER d) y should be approximately the same as the value as shown in step 8 above. 11. Thus, the Vertex is ( x , y )....
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