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Basic Calculator Keystroke Guide For the TI-86 ONLY Words in BOLD are calculator keys Revised 9/21/07 TI-86 BASIC SETUP 2nd MORE All values down the left-hand side should be highlighted. To return to the 'home' screen at any time 2nd EXIT Setting up custom menu: 2nd CUSTOM F1 scroll down to desired function(s) F3 then choose a blank space F1 - F5 . Repeat for each desired function. You will need abs , FRAC > and x y . FRAC > and x y at the end of the alphabet F1 (page down) To enter a rational expression ( numerator ) / ( denominator ) To raise a value (or variable) to a power (exponents) For x 2 value x 2 For other powers value ^ power To change a decimal to a fraction CUSTOM F# ENTER To find or enter the absolute value CUSTOM F# ( value or expression ) To store a value for x value STO x -var ENTER To store a value for a variable other than x value STO ALPHA choose variable from GRAY letters above keys To access π 2nd ^ To graph an equation GRAPH F1 enter the equation 2nd F5 To change the viewing window for a graph
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