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Magnetic Induction Manual - Phys211L/Phys205L Measurement...

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Phys211L/Phys205L Measurement of Magnetic Induction Fields Object: The measurement of magnetic induction fields B, produced by a bar magnet, a solenoid, a circular coil, using a Hall-effect Teslameter. Equipment: Hewlett-Packard Power supply (30 V), BK Precision power supply, digital multimeter, solenoid, two coils, bar magnet, Phywe Teslameter, wooden bench. Theory: The magnetic field measurement in this experiment is based on the Hall effect. The Teslameter you will employ in the lab has a Hall element at the tip of the probe. The meter reads the Hall voltage, which is proportional to the magnetic field, and translates it into magnetic field measurement. Consider a circular coil, consisting of N turns of radius R and carrying a current I. The magnetic induction field B at a point P on the axis, a distance x from the center of the coil is given by (1) A solenoid is a long wire wound in a closed- packed helix (see figure 1). If the solenoid has a length of L and N is the number of turns of wire, then it can be shown, using
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Magnetic Induction Manual - Phys211L/Phys205L Measurement...

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