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PHYSICS 211L Transformers Date: 24/05/2007 Section: 1 Instructor: Ms. Sara Najm PART I: Adjust V p to 1V (peak-to-peak) for every configuration. Using the two 400-turn coils, record the secondary voltages (peak-to-peak) when: a) Back-to-back are closest: V s :_0.22 V _ are 1 cm apart: V s :_0.12 V _ are 5 cm apart : V s :_0.025 V 90 o V s :_0.03 V _ 180 o V s :_0.22 V _ b) with iron core : V s :_0.8 V _ Comment on the effect of 1 Grade:
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a) Distance: when the distance between the 2 coils increases, the voltage in the secondary coil decreases and vice versa .This is due to the fact that as distance increases the amount of magnetic field lines reaching the secondary coils decreases thus the flux created in the secondary coil decreases which results in the decrease in the potential difference, i.e. voltage, across the secondary coil. b) The core: As we have noticed, putting an iron core between the two coils resulted in the increase in the voltage across the secondary coil. This is due to the fact that the iron core concentrates the magnetic fields in the coils. Furthermore, the geometrical shape of the core affects the transfer
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