Capacitance and Dielectrics Manual

Capacitance and Dielectrics Manual - Phys211L/Phys205L...

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Phys211L/Phys205L Capacitance and Dielectric Constant Measurements Object: To measure the capacitance of a number of unknown capacitors, in series and parallel combinations as well as that of a BNC cable. To also determine the dielectric constant of a sheet of an unknown material. Equipment: Digital capacitance meter (LRC meter), capacitance box, circular parallel plate capacitor, dielectric sheet, small flat dielectric sheet pieces, coaxial cables, BNC connector, micrometer, vernier calipers, ruler, connecting wires. Theory: A capacitor is a device that can store energy in an electrostatic field, and that can be used in a variety of electrical circuit such as radio receivers and computer microchips. In its most general configuration, a capacitor consists of two conductors of any shape that are placed near each other without touching. A capacitor is said to be charged when the plates carry equal and opposite charges +q and –q , respectively, which may be done by connecting the two plates to opposite terminals of a battery. If the magnitude of the potential difference between the two plates, upon charging, is V , then the capacitance of the capacitor, denoted by C , is equal to C=q/V The value of C is expressed in farad F (Coulomb/Volt=C/V) and solely depends on the geometry of the device and the material that fills the space between the two plates. The capacitance of the empty
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Capacitance and Dielectrics Manual - Phys211L/Phys205L...

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