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COURSE SYLLABUS FORM American University of Beirut Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Physics Course Number and Title: Physics 205L MODERN PHYSICS FOR MEDICAL SCIENCES:LABORATORY Spring 2010-2011 1. Course Description and Learning Outcomes a- Course description: Physics 205L is one credit 2 hour/week laboratory course designed primarily for students majoring in Biology and it is premedical course. This course has Physics 205 ( MODERN PHYSICS FOR MEDICAL SCIENCES) as a pre- or co-requisite. The experiments deal with electricity and magnetism as well as modern physics. b- Intended Learning Outcomes: The student should be able to: i- Perform experiments related to the material taught in Physics 205. ii- Collect and analyze experimental data that are used to investigate physical phenomena during an experiment. iii- Demonstrate the validity of physical principles through the comparison of the experimental results to the mathematical/theoretical description. iv- Determine experimentally various physical properties of substances and compare them to the accepted literature value. v- Learn the function of various sorts of instruments and devices used in experimental physics such as pressure sensors, lenses and lasers. vi- Represent graphically a set of data using linear regression analysis. vii- Analyze quantitatively the importance of experimental errors and uncertainties using statistical analysis tools such as standard deviation and root mean square error calculation or the theory of propagation of error. viii- Acquire scientific and intellectual abilities such as critical thinking, scientific data reporting and team work. 2. Resources Available to Students Laboratory manual and reports: The Physics 205L laboratory manual as well as the lab report should be downloaded on a weekly basis from MOODLE. Textbook (Physics 205): College Physics By: Serway & Vuille, 8th Edition, (Brooks/cole Publishing, 2009)
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There will be a 60-minutes written final exam at the end of the course. The final grade will be computed as follows: Laboratory reports (computed with the best 9 report grades) 40% Evaluation by the instructor * 10% Final exam 50%. * As part of this evaluation, your instructor will give a minimum of two drop-reading-quizzes during the semester. These quizzes will be given at the beginning of the lab session, in order to check your reading and understanding of the lab manual. Note that theory for all experiments
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Syllabus - COURSE SYLLABUS FORM American University of...

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