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October 28, 2010 Bio Lab 111 Homework Assignment: #5 and #12 5. Functions – Regulatory Sequences : critical for allowing cells to produce the appropriate proteins, in the correct amounts, for different environmental conditions, cell types, and stages of development. They do not encode anything, but work as binding sites for various regulatory proteins, small RNA molecules, or RNA polymerase to attach. Introns: non-coding regions, “junk DNA” that occur both within genes and between genes. They essentially serve no purpose because they are not being used. Exons:
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Unformatted text preview: coding regions for amino acids that make up the functional protein. Only 1.5% exons make up the human genome. 12. The Taq polymerase is a temperature resistant DNA polymerase. This is found in the PCR reaction beads. The Taq polymerase used in DNA polymerase is a method to greatly amplify short segments of DNA. It is an enzyme that is able to withstand the protein-denaturing condition during PCR. In comparison with the human DNA polymerase, the DNA polymerase also amplifies DNA pieces into more useful quantities but only when the DNA is being cooled....
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