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A. False, the house can only be converted to a community property in (1) only a limited number of states (since it was not stated where specifically this was taking place) and (2) if the property was acquired during the marriage which in this case, Gary owned the house prior to the marriage so therefore this is an invalid reason for her argument. B. By the definition of accession, she “added” or contributed to the value of the house by the use of her income with the owner’s/husband’s consent. She only owns portions of the production she contributed but she cannot retain the earnings since the house was previously
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Unformatted text preview: and primarily owned by her husband. C. Since Gary owned the property prior to the marriage, Marge only owns the portion she contributed during the marriage and not entirely the one-half interest of the house according to the textbook. But by concurrent ownership, she is still entitled to her portion of the property. D. By the tenancy by the entirety, it states that some states gave the right to the wife to convey her property but this concurrent ownership has been effectively abolished. A divorce, like Marge and Gary, will terminate a tenancy by the entirety....
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