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February 22, 2011 Professor Barry Floyd BUS 391 MW 2:20-4:00 Access Project Write-Up What you should know: o Check out our main menu, we cleaned up our main menu by taking out the navigation bars and record selectors by modifying the properties. o In our “Films” table, we assume that the ‘opening location’ was referring to the state that the film is being released, not the ‘venue’ it will be playing at (i.e. Opening Location: Kentucky, not Fremont Theatre) o We added an “Artist,” “Composers,” and a correlation table labeled under “Music.” We feel that the music in the film would be just as important and useful for the users. o For our actors and actresses’ tables, we included their weight and height as another attribute. o In our queries, we looked up the average weight and height information for our list of actors and actresses. We wanted to see if there was any indication in winning an academy award based on their height and weight.
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Unformatted text preview: o We made a “producer” table that connected with film . o We included a lot of additional queries and reports that we thought would be significant for the user. Assumptions of Validation Rules: o We used 25 for our field size as our standard size for most of the tables o For our list of actors and actresses, we required that they had to be >0 and <450 in weight and >0 and <100 in height (inches). o For donations, we put that the amount as to be greater than or equal to 0. Stuff that didn’t work: o When we made a query for our “Mailing List of Donors and their donations,” the report did not show up the donors’ last name and date of donation in the order you specified. However, when we sorted in our query, the order worked. o We had a problem in reporting an event calendar for March 2011 so we just created a blank report, and then we used the ‘add existing fields’ button to insert the event name and the event dates....
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