Write up to Barry2

Write up to Barry2 - Detail) would be beneficial because we...

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BUS 391 MW 2:10-4:00PM January 25, 2011 CuttingEdge Knives Our Quickbooks Information Login: Oliverliu512@gmail.com Password: 1nformat1on Company’s website: www.cuttingedge-knives.com Our In-class company vendors: - HydroHealth - Time To Tea - Mustang Motors - BV Watches - Our in-class company clients: - Time to Tea - HydroHealth - Coffee Break - Mustang Motors Part 5 Questions: #1 Adapt an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) where we can integrate all our departments (i.e. sales, marketing, inventory, records of purchasers) through an IT system so that management and employees can record inventory and maintain relations with customers (reduce costs) Send emails every 6 months to survey and offer the knives sharpening service (increase value) By using the ERP, we can track clients’ record of purchasing items from our company to find other products to fit their needs
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By using Quickbooks, the Client Balance Detail report (and Vendor Balance
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Unformatted text preview: Detail) would be beneficial because we track down which clients still owes us money and see if there are any outstanding charges hidden within our profit/loss report (reduce costs) Also by using Quickbooks, a profit/loss statement can tell us whether a product should be discontinued or not (reduce costs) In addition, having a report that tells us which product is being bought the most would be beneficial because we can assure that specific product is being promoted sufficiently (reduce costs/increase value) #2 Automatically sending out emails every six months to remind clients to have their knives sharpening will increase the value of the customer Survey customers through personal email to get updates on what they expect to see from us Customer Database to maintain records of their experiences with us...
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Write up to Barry2 - Detail) would be beneficial because we...

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