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Execspeech - also used rhetorical questions that emphasized...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Speech: 1) A law being proposed is Prop 23. This proposal is to suspend the air pollution control law until unemployment drops to 5.5% or less for a full year. The audience responds by applauding the governor after he makes a valid point of the issue and laughing when he makes a joke against the big oil companies. 2) The audience was a group of supporters from the Commonwealth Club at the Climate One program in Silicon Valley. They appeared to be friendly considering they applauded and cheered for their beloved governor. 3) The governor attempted to convince the audience to go against prop 23 and be skeptical about the motive of the big oil companies such as Valero and Tesoro. 4) His speech seemed to be effective considering he is Republican advocating to go against these big oil companies (however, he did mention that not ALL oil companies are involved in this). He
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Unformatted text preview: also used rhetorical questions that emphasized that Valero and Tesoro are the top polluters pushing for this proposition. President Obama’s Speech: 1) One of the laws proposed was to eliminate the taxpayers’ dollars to oil companies and instead invest that money for innovation. The audience responded by applauding but did not seem too ecstatic about this proposal. 2) The audience was the United States Congress. Most of them seemed friendly except for those who were not complete supporters for Obama and his vision. 3) The President just wanted to state a desire for what he has planned and wants for the country’s future. He is basically just asking for support of his views. 4) His speech was effective because he brought incidences and historical references (Sputnik) to build upon the proposal of this law. Date: May 1, 2011 To: C Perello From: A Wong Re: When the President talks…...
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Execspeech - also used rhetorical questions that emphasized...

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