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Media Assignment - A) ABC - Monday, April 25, 2011 B) List...

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A) ABC - Monday, April 25, 2011 B) List of Stories: Threatening weather in Bridgeton, Missouri – they showed the damages from the tornado that hit Missouri. (3 minutes) Gas Prices Soaring – Interviewed John Boehner about high gas prices and responded that cut subsidies to big oil companies (4 minutes) Walmart To Go – Walmart introducing new system of buying groceries; online delivery service that allows the customer to buy from home. Prices are the same at the store. (4 minutes) Dog detects breast cancer – Dog owner was detected breast cancer by dog because of the chemical odor that cancer excretes in the breath and body odor (4 minutes) The Royal Wedding – Comparing the similarities between Princess Diana and Kate Middleton and their bride-to-be experiences (3 minutes) C) There was a sufficient amount of graphics to help explain the stories, however, the nature of some of the graphics were unnecessary. For the “Dog detecting breast cancer,” they had clip of the dog sniffing the camera to “show” what the dog was doing to his owner’s breast when clearly, a simple explanation could get the point across. D) For the “Threatening weather in Bridgeton,” I felt sympathetic for the tragic event due to some of the pictures they shown. They interviewed some of the survivors of the tornado which felt more personal to me. For “Gas Prices Soaring,” when Boehner announced that he is in support of cutting subsidies for big oil companies, this statement might have a persuading effect on the news audience. Although the Walmart To-Go system would save people a lot of time, ABC convinced me that this was not a good
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Media Assignment - A) ABC - Monday, April 25, 2011 B) List...

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