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Essay #3 - Fashion Trends - Engl 134.17 Dr Curiel Where Did...

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Engl 134.17 Dr. Curiel February 26, 2010 Where Did It All Go? Where did the big feathery hair-dos go? What happened to girls strutting around with colorful legwarmers? What happened to guys wearing tight stonewashed jeans and leather jackets? Where did this striking and wild fashion trend go? Yes, I am talking about the rocking 80s when young adults wore outrageous outfits with their bid to be hip and cool. This was an era when young people were inspired by their pop idols, such as the notorious Michael Jackson and his black studded jacket accessorized with fingerless gloves, or pop diva Madonna in her lacy tops and fishnet stockings worn with short skirts. This era was reputable for its hottest trends. However, we have come to this day in age where the fashion trend has dramatically changed from outright craziness to more conservative and eclectic. Fashion trends in the 1980s were proclaimed as over-the-top and awfully dramatic. I asked my older sister, Leona Wong, who grew up in the 1980s about the fashion trends and she responded, “The style in the 80s were big and outlandish, if you can imagine Madonna, people wore bright colored legwarmers, made their bangs four or five inches above their head, wore oversized shirts and shoulder pads, ponytails worn on the side, and used bright colors for makeup.” This long list of characteristics demonstrates how dramatic and extreme the fashion trend was in the 1980s because it has items like ‘bright colored legwarmers’ and ‘oversized shirts’ which is far different from the fashion we see today. Flashing back thirty years ago, the movie industry played a huge part in setting the 80’s fashion trend. In the article “1980s Fashion Clothing,” Kad states that popular movies such as the
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romantic musical film, ‘Flashdance’ or ‘Footloose’ influenced the younger generation’s perception in style. The main actress in ‘Flashdance’, Jennifer Beal, not only displayed her athletic dancing body across the screen, but made a tremendous fashion statement with her black gym leotard, ripped sweatshirt with the exposure of her bare shoulders, and her puffy permed hair. In the 1984 film ‘Footloose,’ Kevin Bacon also demonstrates his cool dance moves on film, but also promotes tight stonewashed jeans and white sleeveless shirts. Young people responded to those popular hit movies of the 80s by emulating the way they were appeared. The outfits shown in the movies, in what might be viewed as ridiculous now, were seen as attractive and appealing to the general population. In addition to the influence of the movie industry, the music industry influenced the minds and hearts of the younger generation more specifically in hairstyles. Rock bands such as ‘Human League’ and ‘Bon Jovi’ determined the 1980s hairstyle fad. According to Lad, she said their hair was shown “wild as if teased by the wind and simply splashed with loud colors.” Glancing at the images of the 80s on Google images, the big hair was the first thing I noticed. Both young men and women made their hair as large as it can get by the teasing, layering, and
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Essay #3 - Fashion Trends - Engl 134.17 Dr Curiel Where Did...

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