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Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 56

Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 56 - Week Two...

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Chemical Biology 3OA3, September 2009 Page 56 Week Two The goal of this week's experiments is to test each diester as an OPE substrate. The reactions will be followed by TLC, which will be performed as in week 1. By pooling the results of each group member and answering the questions below, it should be possible to create a model of the OPE active site. Work together with the other members of your group to complete Table 4, which contains the site and rate of reaction for each diester. As a group, create a model of the active site. Each group will submit a single group lab report at the end of the lab period. Reaction mixtures and standards Dissolve 50 mg of the diester in 1 mL of acetone. If your diester is a liquid, place a graduated vial on the balance and tare it. Then add drops of diester until you have 50 mg. Dilute 6 drops of your mono-ester and diester standard solutions (approx. 1%) into 0.8 mL of acetone for use as TLC standards. Spot them onto a TLC plate.
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