Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 62

Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 62 - does not...

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Chemical Biology 3OA3, September 2009 Page 62 does not work with dessicant! It also doesn’t work with sodium hydrOXide (NaOH). Both these variations were proven to fail last year! In rapid order, place 133 μ l (150 mg, 1.1 mmol) of o -hydroxyacetophenone, 3.0 mL of dry toluene, and 333 μ l (324 mg, 2.75 mmol) of diethyl carbonate in a stoppered 10-mL cylindrical vial, using dried syringes to dispense the liquids. Remove the condenser from the distilling head and add this solution, with stirring, to the reaction flask as rapidly as possible using a Pasteur pipette. The resulting solution turns yellow. Immediately reattach the air condenser. Place the reassembled apparatus in a sand bath and rapidly raise the temperature of the bath to about 175 ° C. Collect the ethanol and toluene distillate (1.0 mL in 2 or 3 fractions) in the collar of the Hickman still, and then remove the apparatus from the heat source. Allow the reaction solution to cool to room temperature, and then add 3.0 mL of water with stirring.
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