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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1: Increasing divisions rating to level 3 Facts: The Williamsport division needs to have a continuous improvement rating (CI) of level-3 by the year’s end. Johnson’s boss Buchannan emphasized that she should focus on accomplishing this goal and that it was more of a people issue than an operational issue. Toby realized this was important because it could result in an increase in morale, engagement and performance based bonuses for all frontline employees. Problem 2: Low levels of engagement and performance due to poor past management Facts: Over many years performance had slipped from great to good. This was due to managers trying to do more with less by expecting more from employees but not dedicating the resources necessary to train them. Johnson believed that a change in culture was necessary and that a focus needed to be place in re-developing the front line. In its 38 year history the plant had never achieved a rating higher than 2 because of the command and control environment that had been established. Improving the CI rating had not been of significant importance to control environment that had been established....
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