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Individual Project Final

Individual Project Final - The Product My product is a...

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The Product My product is a mobile based application that allows users to participate in an interactive campus tour experience from any remote location that has access to a 3g , 4g , or wireless internet connection . The tour will be led by a trained university representative who will conduct a typical campus tour via any mobile device (smartphone , tablet , laptop) that has the ability to record video and connect to a wireless connection . The user will then login through our website , pay a small amount and then watch a live broadcast of the campus tour being led by the designated representative . The user will have the ability to ask any questions similar to as if they were on the tour in person and the representative will answer their question . The tour will be scheduled at pre-designated time slots determined by availability of the representative and focused around peak viewing times . The profits will go directly to the participating representatives as well as the company and the users will have the option to tip the representatives at the end of the tour based on customer service and representative performance . Users will have the option to book private campus tours with a specific representative based on a pre-determined fixed price if they so choose . Market The market my products fulfills is individuals who are in the process of choosing a college but do not have the capacity to visit all of the campuses they are interested in . The problem being solved is that the majority of college seeking individuals’ are interested in a variety of colleges but spending the money to go see all of these colleges in person is very expensive and logistically unrealistic . This product takes advantage of the social trend of everyone using apps to interact with the world in a more efficient and effective way . Also many technological advances in mobile user interface and mobile app development are making it easier to develop dynamic apps quickly and at a reasonable cost . Our target market is any people who want an informative personalized and live tour of a given university but do not want to deal with the inconvenience of physically visiting the school . Specifically our target market is junior/ senior level high school students who are in the process of researching different colleges and are considering more than two colleges as viable options . a) The industry this product is operating in is the mobile app industry which is continuing to expand rapidly as well as the campus tour industry . According to Juniper Research “The global market for mobile applications is expected to more than triple from just under $10 billion at the end of 2009 to $32 billion in 2015” . As seen in the chart below the majority of the increase in the mobile app industry will in occur in the VAS (value-added services) sector which is exactly what my product is .
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My product is the best solution because it gives a person a more personal genuine experience when looking at a variety of campuses .
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Individual Project Final - The Product My product is a...

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